Construction Safety

Construction Safety

Construction Safety

Construction Safety

Smart Safety Integrated Platform 'BE-IT'

to prevent serious accident on construction and industrial site

As GSIL's representative smart safe solution, it compensates for the shortcomings of existing system and support the management of work and safety at construction site efficiently by covering 4th industrial technologies such as IoT, ICT, AI.

Highly recommend for those :

CEO and safety manager who concern about strengthening safety management in accordance with the enforcement of the Serious Accident Punishment Act

Who contemplates introducing 'smart safety' to the work site in the 4th industrial revolution

Who wants to correctly apply proper safety management to the work site

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Introducing Our Global Standard Smart Safety Platform!

BE-IT, invented with Samsung Engineering, is the module platform to prepare from the company's or site's point of view to respond to the enforcement of the Serious Accident Punishment Act.

Samsung Engineering's global safety standard can be quickly introduced to mid and small sized construction companies and sites. By considering the linkage of various smart safety equipment after risk notification, it can help safety management supervisors more efficiently through real-time safety data monitoring as well as collection and processing. 

Main Features of BE-IT

1. Smarten Construction Safety Management

 BE-IT assures safety quality through smart safety management process as TBM. It is characterized not only by designing and implementing devices optimized for various on-site situations, but also by smartening the entire safety cycle based on the experience of building and operating public/private construction sites.

When the work begins, safety manager can manage from mobile and the web from field office.

The advantages are 1) real-time identification of job posting and termination status, 2) real-time location of workforce and equipment put into the site compared to the plan, 3) identifying hazardous and detailed work according to the characteristics of the construction site, such as confined spaces, fire, or electricity, and 4) connecting proper smart safety equipment to risky work.

2. Open Architecture based Platform

GSIL possesses 'integrated monitoring and control technology' of processes as risk assessment, work permit management, nonconformity management, safety training and existing processes that can be connected and controlled in real time, such as workers, heavy equipment, and IoT devices nationwide.

In addition, 'technology' that collects, processes, and analyzes data such as worker departure, sensing, hazardous areas, and video can flexibly connect with diversity of construction sites and heterogeneous IoT devices.

GSIL is differentiated by possessing 'structural design and implementation technology' that can be extended with external, internal, and I/F connection using 'standardized definition, design technology' and open API.

3. The seamless integrated platform in vertically and horizontally

A worker can check ahead of work permit, announcement, risk factors from different categories gathered from risk assessment, risk level, and measures via BE-IT.

This risk assessment can be checked in the morning before work, lunch and at any time.

From BE-IT, the workers at the construction site can now receive the information of risk factors on work process and operation, and this is the starting point for the transition from a vertical to a horizontal safety relationship.

4. Data-based platform through digitalization

User, contractor, or venders could collect important data that could increase productivity through safety.

Although recently construction industry focuses on DT's perspective and invest, it has loss of $1.8 trillion every year according to the global report. In other words, the old data for DT, Digital Transformation, started to corrupt. BE-IT will be the platform that collects and shares high purified real-time data.

Effects of launching BE-IT

BE-IT supports not only securing the safety of construction and industrial sites, but also strengthening the response to the Serious Accident Punishment Act through the collected data from BE-IT platform. In addition, systematic safety management is possible from visualizing real-time collected data. BE-IT can effectively introduce the optimized system to use in the site by building quickly and managing safety constantly.

GSIL developed a smart safety standardized platform called ‘BE-IT’ based on our own technology, field experience, know-how, and effective collaboration with experts. Create a safe field and value with a subscription of ‘BE-IT’, smart safety integrated platform!

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