BE-iT Platform

BE-iT Platform

BE-iT Platform

BE-iT Platform

GSiL, which has many years of experiences working with public corporations and large

and small-scale construction companies, has designed, developed, and built smart safety platforms, such as LH, SH, and Korea Environment Corporation based on our experience and know-how.

The 'BE-iT Platform' is created as the general-purpose smart safety platform that is based on GSIL's own standards for smart safety.


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  Smart Safety Platform Sysyem No.10-2361552  

BE-iT platform was jointly developed with Samsung Engineering, which you can experience the advanced safety based on global standards.

BE-iT platform is a collaboration between GSIL and global top-tier Samsung Engineering, based on various safety platform experiences accumulated over the past 10 years. It is a solution with maximized usability tailored to small to medium-sized construction companies and construction sites. 

Main Features of BE-iT

BE-iT platform provides services that can be cost-effectively introduced and utilized by many companies as well as small and medium-sized enterprises that want to reduce initial costs and immediately apply on-site.

Provides various services using SaaS as a cloud-based platform

•Reinforcement of mobile service function for real-time safety management on site (Android & iOS support)

•Implementation of UX/UI considering improvement of usability in the field

Existing built-in platform 
BE-iT subscription universal platform
High set-up cost initially
There is no need for an initial construction cost, and the initial investment cost is reduced compared to the built-in type.
(Monthly/Yearly) service fee   Economical  
Fast deployment experience with immediate subscription service   Convenience  
Customer operates/manages systems themselves, requiring much time to upgrade and manage changesContinuous research and reflection of legal requirements and technological changes 
GSIL's professional engineers directly provide periodic updates and real-time customer support for quick resolution   Flexibility  
Able to link a variety of smart safety equipment   Scalability  

Main Functions of BE-iT

In addition to securing safety in construction and industrial sites, it is possible to strengthen the response to the Serious Disaster Punishment Act using BE-iT platform and its collected data. It also visualizes real-time collected data, enabling systematic safety management. Rapid deployment and continuous safe operation can effectively introduce systems optimized for the site.

Smart Safety Integrated Platform 'BE-IT'

to prevent serious accident on construction and industrial site

As GSIL's representative smart safe solution, it compensates for the shortcomings of existing system and support the management of work and safety at construction site efficiently by covering 4th industrial technologies such as IoT, ICT, AI.

Highly recommend for those :

CEO and safety manager who concern about strengthening safety management in accordance with the enforcement of the Serious Accident Punishment Act

Who contemplates introducing 'smart safety' to the work site in the 4th industrial revolution

Who wants to correctly apply proper safety management to the work site

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