Smart construction safety management solution that provides safety in the worksite based on IoT technology. Based on our various project experiences providing fitting technology from a safety perspective as the core of smart safety, we offer customized construction safety solutions specific to the company or the worksite.

#New Technology Certificate

#The only smart safety to receive additional points from NeT 

#8-year long-term project on the world’s largest semiconductor site

#The world’s first underground thermal power plant site 

#Field-based customization 

#Various equipment integration 

  New Disaste Prevention Technology No. 2019-5 

  / New Construction Technology No.828  

  Safety Management System for Field Workers at 

  Tunnel Construction Sites No. 10-1671209  

  Method of transmitting QoS packets in a sensor  

  network node(exclusive) No. 10-1144822  

Various issues during the project, 

Smart safety company that is responsible and trusted 

When introducing smart safety, there are many problems that you encounter at least once!

From the Halla Janghang Line Project in 2013, GSIL has experience and know-how in resolving issues arising from the project implementation and process of various situations.

IoT safety equipment has been successfully introduced at the construction of Shinsejong Complex Power Plant, Yeouido Private School Pension Site, and Samsung Engineering’s P1 to P4 Long-term Project, Continually working towards a stable project completion. 

BE-iT IoT has been recognized for both field applicability and technology through new technology(NET) certification.

New Construction Technology, No. 828 

Of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Worker Safety Management System based on worker location and environmental information during tunnel construction.

New Disaster Prevention Technology, No. 2019-5 

Of the Ministry of Interior and Safety Safety Management System for Workers in Closed Space Using IoT Technology and RTLS

Why New Technology Certificate?

•Recommendation of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport to apply new technologies firstly 

•Additional points are given when evaluating the selection of excellent construction methods if NET is used

•Managers can be exempt if a damage or accident occurs 

Field applicability verification (differentiated from patent method)

Technical certification with technical excellence

Analysis of the effects of shortening the construction period, improving quality and safety, and reducing construction costs

Technical Components

Key Deployments

  31 clients ㅣ 94 worksites ㅣ 6.2B Korean won total contracts.  

Tunnel (Applied New Construction Technology No. 828) 

•SAMBU_Yungcheon Dam Safety management system

•Lotte Construction_Goonpo Electric Power construction Safety management system

•Ssangyong Construction_Byeollae Subway Line Safety management system

Confined space (Applied New Disaster Prevention Technology, No. 2019-5)

•Samsung Engineering_ Safety Management System for Green-dong confined space (P/1-P/4)

•Samsung Engineering_Safety Management System for Samsung Electronics Filtration plant

•Samsung C&T Corporation_Safety Management System for confined space at Samsung C&T

Integrated Control Monitor (Tunnel) 

Connected IoT Safety Equipment 

Worker location monitoring

Helmet Attachable Transceiver (No. 30-0938618)

-It is a smart wearable device that helps to locate workers in real-time and respond to emergency situations (SOS) in conjunction with the 'safety platform' after being attached on a safety helmet.


Smart safety solution that provides real-time images making it easier to install anywhere. Real-time on-site control through platform (Web/App) connection and two-way communication to secure on-site safety.

Environment Sensor

Environmental information on the five major gases (oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, combustible gas, hydrogen sulfide) is collected. Real-time monitoring prevents oxygen levels from falling in confined spaces and deaths or accidents caused by harmful gases.

Smart Opening Monitoring

Smart hardware that detects abnormal opening and closing through real-time opening monitoring and sends an alarm to the manager when an unauthorized person approaches the opening to manage dangerous areas and prevent accidents.

Smart Safety Equipment

with patented technology

A Smart hardware solution that IoT technology was converged with safety aspect increases work efficiency and secures safety for the workers on the site.

Developed in a form that is expandable through interlocking with the platform and can be detached from existing equipment to be more practical.

Recommend to those :

Considering implicating proper 'safety equipment' on different areas 

Requiring safety management on high-risk work

   Working at #Confined space, #Height, #Tunnel

Safety managers who want to monitor if workers wear safety hardware in real time

Workers who are burdened on the additional safety equipment on every function upgrade

Worker Location Detector

Helmet Attachable Transceiver (No. 30-0938618)

A smart wearable equipment that was linked with 'safety platform' after putting into safety helmet to support locating workers in real-time and responding to emergency situations.

Lighting Wearable

Head Lamp and Helmet Attachable Transceiver (No. 30-0939849)

A smart wearable equipment that secures safety by locating workers and gains sight when working at night through LED light to enhance work efficiency.

Smart Height Protection

Safety Management System using Safety Belt Unit When Working at Height (No. 10-1964727)

A smart hardware that notifies when worker does not properly wears safety harness to prevent fall accident from height and support safe environment.

* Planning to display in CES 2023 for the first time

Table Lift Laser Guide

Safety Management System and Method using Safety Equipment for Hight Work Benches (No. 10-2004261)

A smart hardware that prevents accidents and enhances productivity by marking the rising position with a laser on the ceiling when working at height.

Movable IoT CCTV

It is easily installable at any place with smart safety solution that provides real-time videos. Collected data from the platform (Web/App) secures safety at the construction site along with controlling at the field office in real-time.

Environment Sensor

Prevents decrease in oxygen levels on confined space and fatality from noxious gas through gathering information on 5 types of environment gas(O2, CO, CO2, H2S, and Combustible gas) and real-time monitoring.

Smart Opening Monitoring

A smart hardware that prevents fall accident from opening and manage dangerous spaces by alarming safety manager when there is an abnormal detection on the opening through real-time monitoring.

Safety Management Smart Watch on Small Sites

Small group safety management is possible through broadcasting-method smart watch that collects data on the smart safety equipment around the sites, worker's location, risky environment information, worker's heart rate, etc.

Smart Safety Passport

System that efficiently manages workers' safety, health, environmental training, access control according to safety training completion level, and personal safety equipment management through NFC card tagging.

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