Industrial Safety

Industrial Safety

Industrial Safety

Industrial Safety

Safety Training Strengthening Solution

on Distribution, Manufacturing and Service

Smart safety platform that aids enhancing safety training for users on distribution, manufacturing, and service industries in accordance with Serious Accident Punishment Act.

Every day before the work begins, users receive selective safety training by occupation, and managers identify real-time safety training completion status for users via mobile APP.

Recommend to those : 

CEO and safety manager who contemplates enhancing the safety management on distribution, manufacturing and service to react on Serious Accident Punishment Act

Wanting to offer daily safety training by occupation to users/employees in mid to large-sized firms

Considering launching safety solutions between enhancing safety and the cost

Due to an absence of systematic safety management dedicated department, thinking about how to perform a safety training and react to any accidents

Manager who concerns about user's safety training methods and contents

Main Characteristics 

1. Mobile-based Simple Safety Training Platform 

TBM(Tool Box Meeting) is a platform converged with safety process and smart technology that provides safety information on today’s work and announcement before work begins. It can be easily accessed and used by the user due to composed in mobile-based platform that can be carried all time.

Through QR scan or NFC tagging, user can access to today’s safety/health training and risk factors.

2. Safety/health training offered by occupation

Three main safety training contents are available when you begin ‘smart safety TBM’ by QR scan or NFC tagging.

- TBM Announcement by Company

- Safety/Health Training Videos by Occupation

- Hazard Safety Documents by Occupation 

Remarkably, Korea Industrial Safety & Engineer Corp., Korea’s only designated institution by the Ministry of Employment and Labor and safety management expertise, has supported the platform that offers great quality of safety training contents by occupation regarding risk factors. We are here to relieve any CEO or safety manager’s burden who is worried about not having a proper safety training.

3. Easily check the status of smart safety TBM

Are you asking every time whether your employees have completed safety training?

Check the rate and progress of ‘smart safety TBM’ on your mobile APP. You can review at anywhere with real-time updates.

4. Offer multi-language

Multi-language service is offered for foreigners in global world.

5. Consult via Kakao channel

Now, contact us easily through the Kakao channel for any 1:1 inquiry. You will receive prompt answers to the questions you have.

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Seocho Office  : 193, Cheonggyesan-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea

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