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GSiL, which has accumulated experience in government agencies and large, medium, and small construction companies over several years, has developed a plant-based safety management platform based on its wealth of experience and know-how. This platform is designed for easy and convenient use by clients, construction companies, and partner firms alike.

#Applicable Sites : Plants and General Construction Sites

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[Patent] Smart Safety Platform System Patent 

No. 10-2361552


Streamlining on-site safety 

documentation tasks, enhancing 

efficiency in safety management 



A smart safety management system that can be quickly applied to domestic 

plants and general construction sites.


Easy installation and relocation of 

hardware according to the rapidly 

changing on-site conditions.


Stable operation from system 

construction to the completion of 

construction, ensuring responsible 

contract fulfillment (total of 42 


Various issues during project execution, 

Responsible completion and becoming a trusted smart safety company.

Introducing Smart Safety: Various Challenges You May Encounter!

Since 2013, GSIL has accumulated experience and know-how in resolving issues that arise during projects in diverse scenarios, starting with the Hala Janghang Line construction site.

Having successfully implemented smart safety solutions in projects such as the world's first urban underground power plant in Dangin-ri, Sin Sejong Complex Power Plant, and Yeouido Academic Pension Site, GSIL continues its efforts for stable project completion.

A jointly developed 
platform in collaboration 
with Samsung Engineering.
Experience advanced safety standards based on 
global standards with Samsung Engineering, 
a global top-tier company.

Signing of a Joint Technology Business Agreement 

in July 2021.

Main Features

Utilizing the platform ensures on-site safety and enhances safety measures in response to the Major Accident Indictment Act through the collection of safety data.

Additionally, it supports systematic safety management through the digitization and visualization of real-time collected data.

On-site worker access status / Identification of on-site residents / Identification of high-risk group workers

•TBM attendance, work permits (general, special), risk assessments (A, B, C) displayed on a weekly basis

•Daily on-site work (process) status / Access equipment status

•Various safety data provided on-site

•Customization available according to customer requests

Functions Available by Category

Main Reference

Interconnected IoT Safety Equipment

Worker Location Tracking

Helmet-Integrated Transceiver 

(Patent No. 30-0938618)

A smart wearable device, this helmet-mounted transceiver is designed to be worn on safety helmets. It seamlessly integrates with the 'Safety Platform' to facilitate real-time tracking of workers' locations and emergency response (SOS) when connected.


A smart safety solution that provides real-time video is easily installable at desired locations. Through platform integration (Web/App), it ensures real-time on-site monitoring and two-way communication, safeguarding safety within the workplace.

Smart Hatch Monitoring

A smart hardware that, through real-time hatch monitoring, detects abnormal opening and closing and sends alerts to administrators in the event of unauthorized access. This helps manage risk areas and prevents hatch-related accidents.

Intake and Exhaust Detection

A smart hardware that ensures the normal operation of intake/exhaust equipment for air circulation, and sends alarms upon shutdown. This helps prevent asphyxiation incidents during confined-space work.

본사-본부-현장관리 구조의 특성을 가지고 있는

공기업 산하 건설현장에 적합한

전국 단위 통합 안전관리 및 모니터링이 가능한

건설공기업 분야 구축형 안전관리 솔루션입니다.

#본사-현장간 통합안전시스템 구축 #양방향 소통체계 구현 #공공기관 맞춤(보안)서비스 #현장 안전 데이터 시각화



하도급사 안전관리 상향 평준화를 위한

표준 솔루션 제공


통합 DB 구축을 통한 본사-현장의 데이터 연동


본사와 현장에 필요한 정보를 구분한

모니터링을 제공하여 한눈에 파악 


분리발주 및 소규모 대상 안전관리 특화

With GSIL, We look forward 
to hearing from those who 
will contribute to building 
the "Road towards Safety."

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공공기관 맞춤 클라우드 보안 조건 충족

근로자 스스로 안전을 인식하고 행동할 수 있도록 근로자 중심 솔루션

全현장 통합관제가 가능한 본사 중심 안전관제

모바일을 통한 작업 전・중・후 점검 및 위험성평가, TBM 등을 편리하게 관리・수행

당일 작업, 위험요인 등에 대해 실시간으로 근로자에게 제공

작업시기, 구역별 인가/비인가 근로자에 대한 구분 및 관리

건설공기업향의 전문적인 스마트 안전관리 업무

설계/개발 수행 경험과 역량을 보유하고 있습니다.

#공공공사 안전관리 #안전관리 전주기 관점 설계 #단계별 구축계획 수립

l  2020.05스마트 안전기술 발굴 및 확대를 위한 시연회

 경쟁입찰 선정 
l  2020.06

건설현장 스마트 안전기술 플랫폼 설계  보도자료

-건설현장 안전사고 예방 스마트 안전기술 하드웨어 및 통합 관제 플랫폼 종합 안전 데이터 구축

l  2021.06건설현장 스마트안전장비 설치 가이드라인 마련

l  2021.07LH 건설현장 스마트 안전통합플랫폼 구축(1단계)   보도자료

- 건설현장 사망사고 제로화를 위한 근로자 중심 플랫폼 '에스키퍼(S-KEEPER)' 개발    

l  2023.03LH 스마트 안전통합플랫폼 2단계 사업 방향성 수립 용역 설계

l  2021.09SH 현장정보 모니터링 시스템 고도화 설계   보도자료

 경쟁입찰 선정 
l  2023.02

스마트 안전관리 통합플랫폼 구축   보도자료

l  2022.09안전관리통합시스템 구축을 위한 플랫폼 구상안 설계   보도자료

 경쟁입찰 선정 
l  2023.06

안전관리 통합시스템 구축   보도자료

공공기관 최초 환경기초시설설치 공사에

‘실시간 맞춤형 스마트작업허가시스템’ 기획, 개발, 인프라 구축

관련 영상보기 >       

l  2020.12 안전관리 우수사례 '표창'   보도자료

l  2020.11

제주시 가축분뇨 공공처리시설 스마트 작업허가 시스템
구축 및 운영   보도자료

  경쟁입찰 선정 
l  2021.08

광주 에너지밸리 공공폐수처리시설 설치사업
실시간 작업하기 시스템 구축

With GSiL, 
We look forward to hearing from those who will contribute to building the "Road towards Safety."

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